Choose Your College Major Carefully

One of the most vital decisions you need to make even after you take admission in any of the top colleges in India is, to select the right college major. Remember whatever subjects you choose while in college you will need to devote a lot of time in learning them. So, it is always advised that you choose the subjects carefully and not casually. Your choice of major practically decides your career path and gives an idea to your prospective employers about your areas of interest and skill. The best time to decide your college major is right after you are done with your 12th boards.

Majors like art political science, history, women’s studies, anthropology, etc. might seem interesting but in practical job scenario, they won’t prove to be of much help. It would be wrong to say that there are not any jobs related to these fields, but finding good opportunities that will promise you a handsome pay is rare. While technical subjects like computers science, math, statistics, etc. help you get offers of higher salaries.

In this guide you will get an idea on tips to choose your college major:

  • Choosing the right career path – If you are sure about what you want to take up as your career right after your 12th boards, then you should choose your college majors accordingly. Before you actually take admission you should take out some time to check the syllabus and the subjects you would be required to take up. Talk to the students who are already perusing the subject as their major and take their feedback.
  • The earning potential in future – If you have to take an education loan to continue with your future studies, then you should definitely consider the pay scale that you are expected to get once you get your job. If the major subject you take up does not have the potential to allow you earn enough to comfortably repay your loan, it doesn’t make any sense investing in such a course even if it is in any of the top universities in India.
  • Identify your favourite subject – If you are able to analyze this factor then it proves to be a great sign that you know what to take up as your college major while taking admission in any of the top colleges in India. Taking up a subject you love helps you attain better grades. Eventually, your passion for the subject will also reflect in your job.
  • Explore your interests – If you are really not sure as to what you should take up as your college major then this tactic might help you get a clear picture of what you are actually looking for.
  • Double major – If your hunger for knowledge is not satisfied by taking up a single major, then you should note that there are several top universities in India that offer dual degrees. But do enough research about the load you would be expected to go through in every semester and decide accordingly.

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About the Author: Paul Petersen