During your Internship you must not stop asking twice what you do not understand

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Getting information, investigating and finding solutions by yourself does not mean that you must not ask questions, on the contrary. But you must ask non-trivial questions, which bring out the fact that you have prepared yourself and made your reflections. Especially during meetings, always try to ask at least one interesting and original question. Remember thee below listed points if you are applying for an internship in Thailand.


The internship period is probably your first opportunity to build your professional network. Start doing it right away because you won’t stay in that company forever. But the relationships, which are personal, you will eventually make them special and make them last over time.

First: get a preventive culture on the reference area in which you intend to turn to make the internship request. Participation in trade fairs, reading news in specialized newspapers and blogs and visiting company websites are just some of the activities you can do to enrich your knowledge of the reference sector for your internship.

Second: prepare in advance for the fact that even unpaid internships can represent a very important investment for your future career, it is therefore important to try to leave aside the necessary resources to be able to accept opportunities far from the country of residence and to be able to bear the expenses for board and lodging. It is therefore important not to direct the choice to the reality that offers paid internships or with the possibility of board and lodging only because it includes these benefits, but to evaluate well the most suitable structure that can offer a relevant opportunity on the curriculum in terms of prestige and references future.

Third: select the internship that favors the development of one’s areas of improvement, or choose the companies that offer the possibility of performing useful tasks to develop general skills and competences to be saved in other realities in the future. The experience will thus allow you to acquire those main and transversal skills that you can also use in other companies.


It is preferable not to direct the choice of the stage taking into consideration only the geographical area. For those residing in places with few job opportunities the necessary choice is to move, but sometimes the desire to leave the residence and migrate to large cities and metropolises can be a trivial choice that does not fully exploit other important components such as those reported above. Doing an internship means wanting to enter the labor market by training in advance on the tasks to be performed and developed, it must not represent a moment to learn foreign languages.

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