How do you write a good blog text?

A company blog is primarily to be an effective content marketing tool with which your company acquires new customers. However, if it does not bring the expected results, it is worth considering why this is happening and how we can fix it.

First of all, let’s check if we make basic mistakes on the company blog. Analyze your blog for accessibility for mobile devices, strategy, appearance, matching content to the audience and other elements that affect its effectiveness. If everything is in the best order, maybe you should work on the content of your articles? Read the tips below and you will know how to write an effective and interesting text for your blog.

Start with decent research

Have you already selected the topic you want to write about? Perfectly! Now you need to carry out journalistic research. First, see in what articles your topic was discussed and carefully analyze their content. Pay special attention to aspects that are missing or not sufficiently discussed. Make sure your article addresses these issues.

During the research, you can also find additional information that will be useful while writing. All kinds of statistics from trusted and proven sources quotes from famous people that match the topic, as well as other publications that you can refer to.

Focus on one topic

A reader on the web is looking for specific information. Therefore, if you are writing a text, focus on one selected topic. In this way you will discuss it thoroughly, you will be able to create an interesting text that will be helpful to others. If side threads appear while you type? immediately save them as ideas for your next article. Of course, you can mention them briefly, but do not delve into them. In this way, it is easy to lose the main thread. It will be better to create a separate entry about the topic and to link it in the previous text.

Create a catchy title

The title plays an important role in the text. It must be catchy to interest the recipient. It should also contain relevant keywords so that it is easy to find in the search engine. It can’t be too long (6-7 words are enough). If the title of your text interests the recipient, you can be sure that he will click on it. Take some time to create an intriguing title. You can create a draft title before writing an article to set a topic you will stick to. If something catchy comes to your mind while writing – edit the title.

Spice up the content
The brain processes the image almost 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, when writing an article for a blog, think about how you can make it more attractive. Text that is enriched with various elements will not only be visually prettier but above all simpler to read. Use free graphics creation tools and prepare some simple graphic elements. Perfect for:

● infographics
● illustrations
● video material
● screenshots
● slides
● diagrams
● quotes in graphic form

Remember to make sure your graphics match the content they illustrate. If you don’t feel up to creating something yourself, ask a graphic artist for help. You can then use a professionally prepared infographic or slide show in another way? for example on the company profile on Facebook.

Take care of visual aspects

Most often the user goes to the blog after entering the search term he is interested in. The first few seconds decide whether or not to want to read the article. If he sees a long, dense text, he will not be interested and may leave the site. Remember that the appearance of the article and its readability is very important. Therefore, make sure that the text is divided into paragraphs and subheadings. This will improve his reception.

What else can you do to improve reading comfort?

● use letters and bullet points where possible
● highlight keywords by bolding them
● use highlighted quotes
● use a fairly large font (16-18px)
● use leading between lines
● Light pen, simple language

For some, writing is easy. Others have a little more trouble shedding their thoughts on paper. So how do you write so that others read our texts with pleasure? First of all, write! The more texts you create, the easier it is for you to put words together in a meaningful whole. Constant practice will allow you to improve your articles. Therefore, do not look for excuses, but practice. After a while, you can go back to your first articles and assess how much progress you have made. When writing, remember to use simple language. Explain abbreviations and complex words, use short sentences. Write concisely and clearly.

Add keywords

Keywords will help you find your article in the search engine. Think about what phrases your customers can enter in the search engine to find information about your services or products? Are you an accountant? Write an article on how to easily set up a company, what form of taxation to choose, or how to keep accounting in a small business.

Use popular keywords in them, e.g. establishing a company? setting up a company via the Internet ?? how to set up a business? own business?. Customers who are looking for such information will find your article and will have ready answers. Relevant keywords will help you link your texts to the services you offer. And as a consequence gain readers who can become potential customers.

Read twice

Once you’ve written the entire text, don’t post it on your blog right away. It is worth postponing the text for “later”. What does this mean? Return to the text after a few hours or the next day. Thanks to this, you will be able to look at the text with a fresh eye and correct any errors. You can also ask a friend to read the text and say if he understands it. It will also be easier for an outsider to catch small typos or other mistakes.

Writing a good text can be an indicator of a blog’s popularity. Therefore, it is worth focusing on these most important elements and writes a text that will be attractive not only to search engines but above all to the reader. The text on the blog is his business card, so make sure that it is not only substantive but also that it looks good.

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About the Author: Danny White