IIT has proved to be the institute of national importance, says Boundary Holding founder Rajat Khare

Founder of Boundary Holding and an alumnus of IIT, Delhi – Rajat Khare believes that IITs in India have proved to be the ‘institute of national importance’ as declared by the IIT (Kharagpur) Act, 1956. He says, “Although the 1956 Act was precisely for IIT Kharagpur, the government intended to call all the IITs established, even though they were to be established later on, as the institutes of national importance”.

Rajat Khare brings in the first convocation address of the first Prime Minister of India at IIT Kharagpur. Nehru stated, “We take all the trouble to put up this expensive Institute and train up people here”. Khare believes that the efforts of our forefathers in establishing the IITs are now bringing in more than expected results. Alumni of IITs are bringing in revolution in almost every sphere of life.

We all are aware of the IITians that are leading some of the largest companies and organizations around the world. In the opinion of Rajat Khare, it is crucial to note that the IITians are able to align themselves with the latest technological advancements (even the ones they are not aware of). He says, “We all know about IITians holding top positions in some of the biggest corporates, for me, what matters is the capability of IITians not only to adopt the latest technology in the market easily but to do miracles with it.”

Recently, a professor from IIT has invented a smart cane noting an urgent need for it, as India is home to the largest population of visually challenged people in the world. “It is important to note that the IITians would always work in the direction that is always best for the society,” says Rajat Khare. A little while back, a popular innovation by IIT Bombay students became the talk of the town. You can get clean water if you give your plastic waste to their Water-For-Plastic Machine or ‘Swachch Machine’.

From taking care of the environment to innovations in AI technology, IITs are home to technological transformations. Last year, IIT Hyderabad came up with one of its kind AI innovation — an AI-based system which can auto-detect the helmet offenders on the road. “Like a chef has a spark to make a new dish every time, same is with the IITians. We are trained to question the status quo and invent something out-of-the-box, to invent something useful and extraordinary in the given conditions.”

For India, IITs are not just engineering institutes; they are home to significant transformations, as Rajat Khare suggests. Today, IITs are collaborating with several international institutes and are doing miracles across the fields. IITs have proved to be ‘institutes of national importance’, soon they will also prove themselves to be the institutes of international importance.  

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