Many Different Ways to Learn English

Being multilingual has always has its advantages, ever since different groups of people started interacting with one another a million years ago.  The fact is, there is always a reason to learn a new language.  Maybe you plan to travel or maybe you want to go to college abroad.  Maybe your reason is more casual such as being a gamer with friends in all sorts of English-speaking countries.  Or your reason might be more career-focused.  No matter what reason you have for learning English, it is a good idea to have some idea of the various methods available to you to learn it and where they fall on the cost scale.

I suppose the most traditional method in which to learn English is through a proper class in a proper school or university.  It is still an absolutely valid choice; however it also comes with some disadvantages.  It is expensive, for one thing.  You have to pay for tuition and books at the school plus housing and transportation costs too.  That adds up to a lot of money in a hurry.  The other disadvantage is that you can’t learn subtle nuances of language from a text book.  On the other hand, learning English in a class at University has some advantages as well.  College professors have been teaching for years and that gives those valuable resources and experience for you to draw on to learn the language.

Another very valid and somewhat traditional method for learning English is through the assistance of audio books.  With audio books, you have the distinct advantage of hearing the language spoken clearly so that you can understand it.  You can also rewind or fast forward an audio book so you can listen again.  Of course, you do not have somebody on hand to correct you or assist you when you don’t understand something and, the cost for audio books can also add up really quickly unless you have a library that  loans these kinds of materials.  Even though a library might save you some money, you may not get to keep the materials as long as you need to.

If these two methods are out of your price range or you just don’t have that kind of time to spare, the Internet has provided an abundance of resources that can help you learn English quickly and inexpensively.  You can download a variety of applications on your cell phone or tablet that will teach you English at your own pace.  There are also workshops online that you can sign up for and Skype English lessons are a cost effective way to learn English as well.  These more contemporary methods of learning English might still cost you a little bit of money but, the amount will not be anything as expensive as university tuition or a series of audio books.

Whether you decide to use the Internet to learn English or you take a more traditional approach such as college or audio books is up to you but, keep these things in mind when deciding how to proceed.  This information will help you decide the most effective approach for you.

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About the Author: Clare Louise