Pressure Encountered In College and How Students Can Manage It

The new world order requires not just education, but formal education. To fit well in the society and at least have a good career and decent life, you must acquire formal education, which is offered at no other place but in schools. Primary school or high (secondary) school education is termed as fundamental or elementary. You are only referred to as properly educated upon joining college.

The dream of any student is joining college, which is generally viewed as the hub of freedom. Here, there are no strict teachers, no uniforms, nobody forces you to wake up very early, no awful food, and it is a way of escaping from the ever observant eyes of your parents or guardians. However, upon enrolment, some students find it even tougher. They discover a new world with new and even more challenging problems. As a result, they learn the hard way that freedom comes with responsibility, and maturity alongside principles is the key to survive college life.

First of all, students need to wake up early to attend classes. They also have to spare some minutes to revise their notes and clear their assignments. Nobody has been employed to wake them up, but their maturity and sense of responsibility kicks in each morning, ensuring they begin their routines as previously planned. Students also face strict assignments deadlines, continuous assessment tests and submit to lectures in class. Then comes peer pressure in which, many students explore their love and sexual curiosity in colleges. They start dating each other, something that comes with extra expenses. Without dating or engaging in other activities that their classmates are practicing, like boozing, drug abuse and gambling, most students tend to feel lonely and detached.

Extra expenditure that is brought by fellow colleagues forces students to seek part-time jobs. This complicates things even further because time management becomes a challenge. Everything; from studies and employment to leisure as well as girlfriend or boyfriend, is dearly seeking their attention. This becomes too much pressure to withstand. It is here that the students need guidance and counseling so that they can be advised how they can properly balance their time. This is also where parents/guardians need to chip in and support their children both morally and financially.

Students also need to learn how to set their priorities right. They should not succumb to pressure from their colleagues but instead, should know that they came to college to study, and everything else should be secondary.Incase you don’t have you should consider best essay writing service for all of your academic writing needs

That said and done, students should live and spend their college time wisely. They should gain an interest in school and societal affairs, as well as join as many college clubs as possible. Corporates, organizations and other academic related forums outside the school help with networking and basically fostering cohesion among students of varied interests.

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