Schools – Temples of Wisdom, where your child’s life is shaped

School is the pillar of any nation. After all, they help to shape the mind of the nation’s future generation. They are the first semblance of an office where children are supposed to report on time; they are the first formal organization where children need to adhere to a specific dressing code. They act as the first social gathering where children from different ethnic origin and culture come together under one roof to study. They are the first institution in a child’s life that teaches them civic behavior such as standing in line during assembly, sitting in class in an orderly fashion and of course schools are the place where children learn all there is to learn about the world through topics like language, science, mathematics and different streams of knowledge.

Online schools – the next big thing in education industry:

Schools have also adapted themselves to the growing use of internet in the world all over. More and more schools are registered institutions on the web and have their own set of e-learning modules. Being cheap, they can be accessed by the lower economic sections of the society. It helps students and teachers from all over the world to come in contact with one another thus increasing the scope of learning. These are some of the benefits of online schools to name a few. No wonder this version of school slated a 29% growth in the USA in 2018 and is poised to spread further.

The essence of accreditation:

Determining the accreditation of the e-school is of paramount importance.  Accredited online high schools in the USA can be having either Regional and or National accreditation from the US Department of Education. Although it may sound lucrative many a times, it has been seen that certifications earned from a nationally accredited college are not accepted at regionally accredited schools and colleges.

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