Some Important Aspects to Consider about Phonics

You may have heard about phonics classes or tests started by phonics class in turf city Singapore, but are you aware of what you require knowing about the system?

You should rest assured that phonics has been promoted by the government as the best means to enhance reading standards. Find below some major questions that you should seek an answer to before enrolling your child into kids phonics in singapore.

Understanding Phonics

It would teach the children to decode different words through sounds instead of recognizing the entire words. The emphasis in early teaching has been on synthetic phonics. In this, the words would be broken into the smallest units of sound known as phonemes.

Children would be taught about the letters (graphemes). These would be required for representing these phonemes along with learning how to blend them into words. Therefore, the basic would be children being taught how to read the letters in a word and then merge the letters to pronounce the entire word.

  • Do you agree that phonics has been the best method to teach the child?

That may not be entirely true, as the phonics-only approach of the government has been deemed controversial. A majority of teachers in phonics class in turf city Singapore would advocate a highly balanced approach whereby other reading strategies would be used.

  • What other methods are there for teaching reading?

There is the alphabetic method of teaching reading and look and say teaching technique apart from the phonics technique. It would be pertinent to mention here that the phonics method is nothing new. However, it would be best used by combining with other available strategies.

  • What is the reason for children to be taught made-up words?

The approach has been used to fabricate words in order to test the children. Once the children could decode the word, they could think about the meaning later.

  • What is the reading debate?

The reading debate has been ongoing for a significant length of time. However, the pendulum would be swinging back and forth to keep the balance in the debate. There has been a relatively more balanced approach where a wide range of schemes was introduced. As a result, the teachers were given more freedom on how to read.

It would help you produce enhanced results. At times, children would be taught using fun-filled ways. Kid’s phonics in Singapore would become relatively important for children as a means to read in the best manner possible.


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