What WouldA Student Nurse’s Life Be like without Clinical Placement Software?

A student nurse needs to survive clinical placement to become a full-time registered nurse. This can be a daunting prospect for many, but there are a number of resources student nurses can rely on, one of which is clinical placement software. This is something that nurses haven’t always had, so what would it be like today for a student nurse to have to live without it?

The most frustrating problem that one would immediately encounter is having to keep track of schedules on a piece of paper rather than adaptive software. This is certainly a charming, old school alternative, but it can also get rather messy, rather quickly. Changes in schedules aren’t quickly adjusted, but hastily scribbled in over crossed-out words. This is an old practice where mistakes are easy to start making once a few schedule changes occur. Before a person realizes it, they have a mess of scribbles on a crumpled piece of paper!

There’s also limited communication when it comes to non-software based scheduling. So, be prepared for scheduling conflicts that require a bit of running around to resolve.

Punctuality will be a more challenging goal without placement software. There would be no warnings of a coming shift, and if that piece of paper has a mistake on it a student nurse might just be showing up at the right time, but in the wrong place. So, be prepared to be apologizing for tardiness more often.

Student nurses would also have less time available to them outside of their shifts. Rotation schedulers allow student nurses to order background checks, drug screenings, and to store job references. Running around to order them manually takes time and effort, not to mention that getting paper references involves spending more spare time running around.

Far more mistakes are likely to be made without placement software. If one were to rely on a paper planner, then error rates on the accuracy of information goes up and compliance goes down. All of these are not the kind of things that a student nurse wants to add to their day!

Student nurses would also be more likely to lose track of their information if it’s held on something as bulky as a daily planner or information is being kept on pieces of paper. This might seem like an inconvenience, at first, but as time went on it would seem like a full-blown meltdown as a student nurse lost track of their rotations and information.

Even for people who would simply choose to manage their information on a spreadsheet, there would be time lost in having to manage that spreadsheet without the proper software. Errors are again more likely due to information not being shared online, which reduces the possibility of mistakes.

So, what would life be like without clinical placement software for nurses? The world wouldn’t come to an end, no. But, it would be a harder one to live in for your average student nurse.


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