Why it is necessary to undergo a driver’s education class if you get a traffic ticket?

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Drivers who have got traffic ticket needs to undergo through a traffic school since they need to produce the paperwork of the traffic school certificate to the court. Attending the driver’s education course helps the driver to maintain a clean driving record. Once you get a traffic ticket, within two to three week the court will send you a courtesy notice by mail for attending the traffic school. In the notice the court will specify whether you are eligible for attending the driver’s education to dismiss your traffic ticket or not. In case you are eligible for attending the traffic training course then the Government will give you a list of traffic schools to under the BDI course for dismissing the ticket. All that you need to do is to pay the court the admission fees for the course as well as the fine for causing the traffic violation. 

When you will complete the course the certificate of completion of the course needs to be submitted in the court. After you submit the certificate of completion of the course your driving record will be removed. 

What happens is that once you get a traffic ticket it remains on the record until and unless you complete the driver training course and submit the certificate in the court to dismiss the record. If there will be a record of traffic ticket then your insurance premium will go higher and higher. But in case you complete the traffic course, obtain the traffic school certificate and submit the certificate to the court or Department of Motor Vehicle as per the instruction of the jurisdiction then the record of your speeding ticket will be removed and the insurance company will not be able to charge you higher insurance rate at the time of renewing your insurance policy. 

However, the completion of a traffic school course does not mean that it will relieve you from certain moving violations such as DUI or reckless driving. Having a traffic school certificate means that you are aware of the traffic etiquette of your state. Hence attending traffic education will help you to get relief from a minor traffic violation. But it does not mean that completion of a traffic school course will save you from doing major offenses, for example, reckless driving. However, you can take it for guaranteed that your traffic violation record will be dismissed surely on attending the driver’s training class since the rule of dismissing the traffic violation varies from state to state. Hence it is recommended to check with DMV of your state and make sure what violation can be removed and what will not on attending the traffic school.      



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