3 Reasons to Enroll Your Teenager in SAT/ACT Prep at Tutoring Centers NYC

Autumn is here and with it comes the new school year and, if your teenager is a junior or senior, college prep work — including preparing for the SAT and ACT. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to enroll your teenager in SAT/ ACT prep at JM Learning, your local NYC tutoring center. Junior year is an ideal time to do so as your teenager’s senior year is going to get even more hectic (and fast) as they become more focused on completing those college applications, writing essays, and applying for grants or scholarships. Enrolling attutoring centers NYC now offers some big benefits, including:

3 Reasons to Enroll Your Junior in SAT/ACT Prep at Tutoring Centers NYC

  • Real Practice Exams Make All the Difference. As part of the prep work offered by our tutoring centers NYC, your teenager will be prompted to do multiple SAT/ACT practice exams. But it isn’t just about the exams themselves. An effective test session is considered only one that includes the complete exam, is administered on the correct time scheduled, includes only the allowed materials, and is scheduled at the same time of the day as the official exam would. In completing a practice exam in this manner, your teenager gets accustomed to both the materials in the test and the act of taking the test. A tutoring center with its facilities and knowledgeable staff is best equipped to offer such simulated SAT/ACT prep work.
  • Learning Test Taking Strategies. Children go to school to learn new skills and gain knowledge about the world around them. They take studies in mathematics and writing, but very rarely does a school teach the best strategies to take the test. This is also where tutoring centers NYC comes in help. During tutoring at our location, your teenager will learn critical test taking strategies that will help them most effectively use their time and the knowledge they have, to answer questions. For example, SAT/ACT exams look for students to read and answer passages in certain manners, tutoring will help show your student the different ways to read and approach such questions.
  • Support System. Hiring a personal tutor to do just one-on-one in your home can feel isolating. In contrast, tutoring centers NYC offer a rich environment with a robust support system. Here they can more easily meet and collaborate with other students also studying for these exams. This can provide critical skills that school and private coaching cannot.

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