5 Steps to Create a Booster Club in the USA

Booster clubs are nothing but fundraising organizations at school and university levels. Generally organized and run by the parents of the students in the organizations of the high schools, these booster clubs mainly aim at providing support for the student programs by raising funds. Booster clubs do not discriminate in making grants to young students of the school or college. If one wants to start a booster club, one must have a clear, comprehensive idea about how to create a booster club. Booster clubs are not social clubs; their main motive is to develop, support and raise funds for the student programs. Many booster clubs are developed to enhance programs that may have shrinking budgets.

Does every high school or a college need to start a booster club? It does; schools and colleges are in dire need of booster clubs. Administrative sections of the schools and colleges may always not support the students’ programs.

How to start a booster club in the USA?

There are students whose dreams are left incomplete due to lack of funds. As teachers, mentors and parents, it becomes a collective responsibility to provide support and raise funds for the children. If there are no booster clubs in the child’s school or college, it is advisable to create one instead of waiting for scholarships.

People must figure out and find out how to create a booster club.

  • Build a Plan and Fix your Mission:

If one is a parent and his child is interested in sports, you will never want his dreams to be left midway and shatter. There is an exceptional way you can do that. Start your booster club with other parents. Recruit other parents to make up a booster club. Curricular activities spark an interest in your booster club. Elect club officials and plan the schedule for the booster club.

  • Registering the Club with the IRS as a Tax Exempt Status:

Fill up the necessary paperwork for filing as a tax-exempt organization. In addition, apply for an employee identification number. The booster club should get itself a unique EIN.

  • Incorporate your Booster Club:

Incorporation can help you to protect your booster club from illegal activities and scams.

  • Make all Club Members Sign Consent as Agreement.

The written consent acknowledges that the volunteers of the firm are participants of their own free will and agree to the fact that they will not personally profit from the club.

  • Design a Marketing Strategy for the Booster Club and help to Spread it.

After you start a booster club, work to attract more members to join your booster club. Promote your booster club online, with posters and handbills, etc.

Therefore, it is essential for people to know how to create a booster club and help their children achieve their dreams.

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