Be an Advocate for Your Teen’s Passion for Environmental Friendliness

Do concerns about the planet keep your teenager up all night? They are not alone in their passion for the world and its well-being as many others in their age bracket share a similar interest. Whatever your personal stance on global warming, you need to be an advocate for your teens’ devotions. This article will guide you through as to how you can dampen the anxiety of your teen in relation to the state of the world and have them identify as a change maker.

Take Up Environmental Friendliness

Your teen may be the most stressed about the waste the people dump into the planet each day. To their dismay, the world population is highly dependent on items that perish after one use such as paper towels, food packaging, and gasoline. To have them feel like a more responsible global citizen, you could switch to using products that are more long-lasting.

Perhaps, you should consider getting Hydroflasks for the whole family, which are durable water bottles, able to be used more than once. Many teens are currently obsessed with Hydroflasks. They may be ecstatic to know that at least their family is willing to use a product that helps the world.

However, do not restrict your efforts to water bottles only. Show your teen that you care a lot for their concerns and adopt recyclable or reusable goods such as grocery bags or food containers in your routine life. Moreover, take up the practice of turning your household food waste into compost. This is likely to reduce their anxiety when they realize that they are not only creating a difference in their lives but impacting others’ lives in the process too.

Inspire Your Teenager to Lead the Cause at School

In order to mitigate your teen’s anxiety about the planet, suggest to them that they become ambassadors for change. What could be better than to have them involved at school: motivate them to start a club which is geared toward creating awareness regarding climate change, environmental waste and pollution issues. Being in the company of people who share their concerns and who advocate change will help them feel their voice matters. In the process, the school club members will also develop close associations with one another as they are motivated to create a difference to the world. After all, the effect of such group-based activities can also help them convert their negative emotions into positive acts, thereby, diluting the chances of their involvement in risky behaviors.

Gain Membership in Activist Groups

Let your teen become a member of activist groups in the local community that are mobilized to take care of the environment. Being a participant in group activities will allow them an outlet to vent out their concerns and find an organized way in which they can handle environmental issues. As an example, consider how activist groups can band together to pressurize governments and companies to take up environmental-friendly practices. This can also be a great opportunity for the teen to get to know how things work at the political level and how real change can be brought about. It is something very important given that teens sometimes can’t come up with many solutions to a problem. However, as a member of an activist group they certainly can not only come up with solutions to issues but also make the move to implement those solutions. Whatever the outcome of group efforts, what matters is that your teen feels that they are part of something that creates real value for the world, even if that is restricted to just bringing attention to an issue.

Search for Different Careers

Your teen is too much worried about the environment and the future of the world? What can be better than to suggest them to take up a career as an environmentalist? Not only are subjects like Environmental Studies gaining more popularity as a chosen field of study, other study fields that have a significant number of jobs in the market, such as biology, marketing, politics, and others are preoccupied with the adoption of sustainable business practices. It is best to channelize their concerns for the environment into a full-fledged career, even when they may choose to study something other than a field closely related to environmental studies.

Having the long-term vision in their mind to become an environmentalist capable of taking care of the environment will help them overcome their anxiety and increase their motivation toward being environmentally active.

Not So Helpless Anymore

Whereas previously your teen may have been frustrated by the lack of options they had with regards to caring for the environment, now with you by their side, urging them to believe in their dreams of a cleaner environment and pollution-free planet, they need not worry. Remember to aid them in their love for saving the environment by following on the tips mentioned in this article.

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Andy Earle is a researcher who studies parent-teen communication and adolescent risk behaviors. He is the co-founder of, ghostwriter at, and host of the Talking to Teens podcast, a free weekly talk show for parents of teenagers.

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