Best Benefits And Services Provided By Military Publications

Military publications are the publishers that offer training manuals and GSE and OEM tools for the aviation and military sector. However, whether the clients are from the military, army, or commercial contractors, manuals must follow 7 documentation specifications for meeting commercial and professional benchmarking. Those 7 include;

  1. ATA 100
  2. ATA 2200
  3. S1000D
  4. S2000M
  5. Mil-SPEC
  6. ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English
  7. US Department of Defense specifications

Whilst many publications claim to be capable of providing high-quality manuals in any of the 7 documentation standards given above, only a few like Sonovision USA are able to do so. The main reasons include;

  • Staff at such publications include people and experts from the army, defense, and military sectors, engineers, as well as SME experts. Needless to say, these professionals carry complete knowledge about all such formats.
  • The professionals can also carry out documentation clearance processes – on your behalf – required to obtain the clearance by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency, and Transport Canada Agency.
  • The products (manuals as well as GSE tools) are delivered on time and the professionals keep in touch to make the process smooth.

All these benefits end up saving your time as well as money. Having said that, the best 3 services and solutions that they offer are given in the guide to follow.

  1. Engineering Services

Whether you want to train your engineering team or want to reduce their workload and increase efficiency, the staff as Sonovision offers all such services.

The publication’s technical team includes writers that can study, analyze, critically evaluate, and then write the Acceptance Tests Reports and Quality Test Reports. It saves a lot of time and effort.

  1. GSE Services And Solutions

The qualified engineers and illustrators at such publications are able to draw, design, manufacture, troubleshoot, and supply GSE tools. They supply the following services for the tools that they supply.

  • Documentation services (user guides, spare parts lists, etc.)
  • Certifications (explosive atmosphere, lifting, etc.)
  • Small and medium batch production services (from 1 to 1000 units)
  • Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair services
  • Recycling and Scrapping services
  • Provisioning and Management of Original Equipment tools
  1. Data Conversion And Manual Publication Services

Such publications have expert technical writers – that are mostly engineers, ex-military men, and SME experts – that can convert any document in simple English and all the other formats listed above. Also, the major manuals that they publish include Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Component Maintenance Manuals, Aircraft Operating Manual, Fault Isolation Manual, Flight Manuals, and Structural Repair Manual.

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About the Author: Paul Petersen