Characteristics And Applying Proline Endopeptidase

Tissue distribution

Using the tissue and cells, scientists had studied the distribution of PEP in people and rodents, which supports scientists to know biological characteristics of pep which is rationality in medicine. Most experiments are finding the sport of PEP in samples to know its locations. Because Proline endopeptidase can degredate figures of neuropeptides, so its distribution in mental faculties are getting more and more popular. You’ll know biological functions from this baed round the cell level. It locate on all cells of mind and mouse brain. The sport of soluble proline endopeptidase is primarily distributed inside the cytoplasm. However, individuals of sparingly soluble proline endopeptidase is primarily distributed in synapses and myelin.

Biological functions

PEP can degrade many peptide neurotransmitters and hormones. Therefore it is significant to examine its inhibitors which is relationship with psychology. The abnormal activity of PEP can lead to various mental disorders, for instance Alzheimer’s, amnesia, depression, schizophrenia and so on.


Experiments familiar with degredate various peptide hormones and artificial peptide substrates shown that PEP can specificly hydrolyze Pro-X in Y-pro-X peptide chains, X may be proteins, polypeptides, amide, aromatic amines or alcohols, etc. Furthermore, proline endopeptidase might also degredate the Ala-X in Y-Ala-X peptide chain. However, the catalytic efficiency constant Kcat/Km is really a thousandth to at least one hundredth of the of professional-X.

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Very structure

In 1998, Fulop and also the group reported the proline endopeptidase very structure of pig for your fisrt time, and very soon PEP structures of two homologous bacteria have been reported. In line with the connection between studying PEP very structure, PEP is classed as serine protease which molecular weight is generally 75kDa. It’s three occasions more than trypsin and chymotrypsin. PEP is compsed of two areas: Catalytic area with characteristics of alpha/belta hydrolase Non-catalytic area.

Applying its inhibitors

PEP can’t degredate polypeptides, but furthermore syntheze active peptides in the reverse reaction. The main method of synthesis: under certain condition, it links the carboxy-terminal proline-which contains peptide to a new peptide or amino acidity. Proline endopeptidase synthesizable peptides: GGRP, CGRP II, calcitonin, aspartocin, bermorphin, vastocin, etc.

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