Creative Writing Prompts and its Benefits

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The imagination which a child possesses has no bounds. They can come up with stories of all kinds. And the very first people to observe this quality in a kid are their teachers. Sometimes kids can really come up with creative answers for the question, “Why didn’t you complete your homework?” But jokes apart, if the kids are given proper guidance, they can turn out to be great story writers. A good amount of reading, interaction about their ideas, and good guidance to put it on paper can help the kids get their creativity out in the best way.

It is not always easy for the teachers to get the kids to concentrate on one thing for a long time. And that is the reason why they have to come up with different kinds of creative ways in which the kids will be engaged, and that also helps them to develop good writing ideas. Creative writing is one such thing that helps the students to improve in a number of ways. When they write creative articles or short stories, it helps them to improve their written communication skills, and when they discuss it with their peers or teachers, it helps them improve their oral communication skills.

Creative writing prompts are nothing but the ways in which the teachers can make the students think about specific issues. To get on with that, one must first take into consideration the students’ likes and his fascinations. If the students have a fascination towards birds, you can simply trigger it by giving them a prompt like, “how would you live life if you were a bird for a day?” The prompt can also be something related to the weather. Say if it is the summer season, you can ask them to pen down stories of their summer memories. On another exciting note, it would also help if you ask them to write alternative endings to their favorite books, or what if the characters come alive. The possibilities are endless.

But keep in mind, when you give children creative writing prompts, they have to be of their interest, that way it will keep them interested for an extended period of time. If the topic does not excite the children, then there will be no good outcome from the exercise. So these were some of the ways in which you can boost your child’s creative writing abilities!


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