Data science course in bangalore – changing the way the tourism industry operates

The amount of data that is produced in every industry is unfathomable and it has become a prerogative for the industries to make use of these data chunks to stay ahead of the game. Joining various other industries, tourism and traveling has become one of the major supporters of data science techniques. Today, data collected from customers as well as the various external and internal tourism frameworks are helping in creating a better experience for the customers.

Only rich people used to travel. However, It is more widespread now as compared to the past and it is for everybody. In addition, the entire target market is changing drastically by each day. For this reason, it has become important to create better products and features for the customers. So, this is where the data science course in bangalore comes to the scene. Data science is becoming highly relevant in every aspect of tourism like tour planning, booking, hotel reservations, etc.

Some of the common applications of data science in the field of travel tourism are:

Customer sentiment tracking

Customers tend to show their likes or dislikes towards certain things and services through reviews, testimonials and other textual sources. Thus, data science can be used to track what the customers think about a certain service to determine whether they are happy or not. This can help various businesses to upgrade their features to remove or change the things which are not liked by the general customers.

Personalized marketing

Today, the customers are all about personalized experience where the plans and offers are tailored according to their needs and desires. This is the reason why the travel industry is utilizing data science to get deeper insights about customer preference. This is done through data collection from varied sources like social media searches, geolocation data, CRM data, metadata, search info, etc.

Better route planning

When it comes to traveling, planning the route of the trip is the most important part. With various data sources available, data scientists can create and optimize various routes and trip taking various factors like schedules, dates, opening times, destinations, distances, traffic, etc. into consideration. Proper trip and route planning will not only save time, but will make the route shorter by cutting distance and costs at the same time.

Better pricing

The travel industry is the place where the products and services tend to change the prices and availability quickly. This is why various factors tend to affect the prices dynamically due to ever-changing providers, customers, demands, seasons, weather,  etc. This is where predictive analysis comes handy to forecast the prices while keeping the continuous data changes in mind. This is helpful not only for the customers, but also for the service providers.


Today, most of the travel sites have travel chatbots which are powered by artificial intelligence and big data tools. These chatbots are highly effective as they help customers and travelers to get their questions answered easily for any type of traveling query. This does not only save the traveler time, but also provides a 24×7 accessibility for the customers.

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With ever-changing scenes of the tourism industry, data science has become more relevant with each day. Therefore, the career scope in this field is also promising with a larger number of opportunities. For this reason, it can be said that taking data science training in bangalore can help to take a forward step toward the travel and tourism industry.

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