When you are starting with university and moving into a dorm, living with a stranger can get a little overwhelming especially if it is your first time away from home. Some people find it easy to share a room with others as they have done it before, on the other hand, some may lack the frame of reference and may even have a difficult time adjusting to living with a stranger on the campus. If you have been selected in the York University Residence and are due to start living in the dorm, then here are some etiquettes that you should inculcate which will make the experience easier:

 Be Accommodative

It is highly likely that you and your roommate may have very different schedules. Your study times might also be different. It could be that you prefer to study in the night and they prefer to study early morning. No matter what their preferences are and what your preferences are, be considerate enough to be accommodative to it so that they are accommodative to your needs too.

Ask for Permission

When it comes to using any of your roommate’s belongings, make sure that you ask them for permission first as it goes a long way in maintain harmony in your room. Your new roommate is a stranger and it is very easy to cross a line with them as you don’t know who they are. To avoid any future arguments over petty issues, respect their space and belongings.

Neat and tidy

When two people are sharing a small space, things tend to get clustered. So keep your side of the room clean and your roommate will want to follow as space will bring you joy. The cleaner the surroundings the more productive you will be.

Have some consideration

Though you would want to spend as much time possible with your significant other, try and avoid putting your roommate in awkward situations by subjecting them to public displays of affection. Talk to your roommate before having someone over, this way they will be ready to give you your space when your guest arrives. Trying to monopolize on space for two will lead to problems in the future.

Take care of your valuables

Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid losing your valuables, keep them locked in a safe. You don’t have to wait till things start to go missing to lock them up. Your roommate is a stranger and you don’t know much about them, so it is safer to not assume anything on the onset.

Share the bathroom equally

The bathroom is a vital part of any living space and also a favourite place for a lot of people. When you are sharing your bathroom with someone, try to come up with a list of terms of use which both of you agree to. This will make sharing easier. It is also crucial to keep it clean, so ensure both of you clean it after every use.

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