Guidelines for Parents from Preschool Teachers

Watching your child grow up is undoubtedly one of the best feelings you can ever have. However, raising a child is not so easy. It is indeed a really complicated job, especially when the kids start with their preschool. Enrolling in a preschool marks the start of a new phase in the children, and it can be quite challenging to adapt to the situation as a parent. This is because, the kids usually have a habit of exhibiting some weird behavioural traits which can be upsetting. Here are some tips from the teachers at Childcare Manly to the parents –

  • Teach them to be Independent – Instilling self-help skills in children will help them pick up speed with accomplishing their daily routines. This will impart an independent lifestyle in the children. It can be simple tasks like – hanging up the coats, disposing the used plates or debris in the dustbin and other simple tasks at home which the child will find it easy to follow.
  • Play activities – It is natural that children tend to spend more time in playing than any other activities. Most of their day is made up of controlled activity, which an adult hanging around them. The teachers at Childcare Manly say that parent’s must allow their child to go and play whatever they want to do. It can be anything from dressing up, playing with dough, playing in sand, cardboard boxes or any games which doesn’t require much adult supervision.
  • Let Them Solve Their Problems – Do you rush to pick your child up if he/she falls down. Don’t. If you’re running for your child’s aid every time, he/she will begin to expect it always. Instead, give the time to figure out to solve the problems by themselves, before you could help them out.
  • Create Simple Daily Routine – Children tend to remain calm at the Childcare Manly, since they follow a routine. This will allow them to know what to do next. If you can establish clear daily routine for the kids to follow, you will have a calm and poised child at home too.
  • Assign Simple Tasks – Putting your child in charge of simple and regular task will help build their confidence and sense of security. The teachers at kindergarten Manly suggest you to entrust with simple tasks like – watering the plants, putting their dirty clothes in washing machine, getting dressed up, making the bed, filling the water bottles for fridge etc. But whatever task you assign, make sure that it is manageable and really works out. The objective is to make the child feel confident and make them feel as a contributing member of the family.

It can be a challenging to parent a pre-schooler, but it can be great fun as well. Follow the above mentioned tips, and witness the positive developments in your child!

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About the Author: Sheri Croll