How to cover NEET syllabus in the period of 2 months?

With only two months’ time, preparing for NEET exam and covering the important topics might seem to be a difficult task. But by following some tricks and tactics, it may become easy for the aspirants to cover up the NEET 2019 syllabus easily. The NEET exam covers up physics, chemistry and biology syllabus from both 11th and 12th standard. In order to maintain uniformity in the NEET exam, state board syllabus has been considered for the exam. However, the aspirants have to attempt mock papers in order to improve their confidence level. The mock papers are available from the official website of NTA.

Details of NEET exam pattern

With the help of sample papers, students are able to track their preparation well. So, when the exam is just two months ahead, in the first place, students should know about the syllabus and the exam pattern. This would help them plan a strategic method of preparation. For every correct attempt of answers, 4 marks are awarded, and for every wrong answer, 1 mark is deducted. Read on to know more about preparation strategies so that students are able to crack the exam in two months.

Paying attention to the subjects

Students should pay attention to both weak and strong subjects. This way they can boost their overall performance. They should not make the mistake of skipping the weak subjects. it might happen that the difficult questions have been offered from the easy chapters that the student have covered. Therefore, it is better that you should study all subjects covered in the NEET exam.  

Revision is a must factor

Forgetting topics before the exam is a common phenomenon among students. So revising the topics is an important task. So, when students start preparing new chapters, they should make a note of revising the old ones to remember all chapters properly. This would also prevent them from getting confused with the chapters.   

Solving question papers

The more students solve the mock papers, the more they are able to attempt correctly in the exam. When solving mock papers, students should solve it by setting the timer. This would give them a feel of the real exam. By solving the paper within the given time, students will be able to improve their performance. In addition, they can also get confident about the exam preparation. During the final exam, as the student has to handle a lot of pressure, they can try to create the same situation by reducing the time for solving the paper. As students try to attempt more questions in less time, they get to know about the real pressure of the exam.   

Be confident

Student should not have the feeling that they are not able to master any topic. They should not underestimate as it might lower their confidence level. However, they should try to maintain their confidence level throughout the preparation.  

Last month preparation

The last month preparation is an important one, and student should revise from NCERT book. Student should try to cover biology and chemistry. Students can expect direct questions from these chapters. So by going through effective last-minute preparation, you can answer questions from these sections.

Maintaining good health

When preparing for the exam in two months, it is important to take care of your health. A student will be going through pressure at the last moment, they should eat healthy and get proper sleep throughout the day.

Wrap up

However, the student should revise and attempt more mock papers in the last moment. They should try to attempt the mock papers in stipulated time. By analyzing the mock papers, students get to know about their performance. Accordingly, they have work on the weaker sections. As the syllabus is vast, revising the chapters carefully is a crucial part. Due to the shortage of time, it is better that students make a note of important topics and formulas.   

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