How to Study NCERT Books for Board Exams

Every year lakhs of students appear for the board exams. But only a few could able to score above 90% marks. You might be thinking that students who do well in the exams must have referred to some other resources. But actually, this assumption is wrong. Those students have also studied the same NCERT books that you have studied. The thing that makes a difference is the way of studying through NCERT books.

Mostly, students read books just for the sake of completing topics or chapters. They do not grasp the concepts behind it. And this makes the difference between the normal students and the one who tops in the board exams. Just merely reading the chapter & mugging up the answers will not be fruitful. You have to read the NCERT 7-8 times to make your basics strong. And even then also if your concepts are not clear then discuss it with your friends or teachers. But, firstly you have to complete the NCERT, then only go for the other resources available in the market. Otherwise, you will be lost & at the end, it will result in nothing. However, there is no harm in referring to the other resources but for that, make sure that you have finished studying the NCERT books.

How to Make Use of NCERT Books Effectively

Most of the students don’t know how to make use of NCERT books. Here are a few tips that will help you to understand it in a better way:

  1. Clear all the fundamental concepts: The NCERT books written by expert professors by keeping in mind the intellectual level of all kinds of students. Therefore these books are in a simple & easy language. You get a thorough understanding of even complex topics & concepts.
  2. Solve the problems or questions from the exercise: Generally, at the end of each chapter, questions are given in the exercise. You should try to practice them by yourself because during your board exams you will find questions from there.
  3. Cover the CBSE Curriculum: As NCERT books strictly follow the CBSE curriculum, therefore, these books are best for board exams. In Fact, the NCERT English Book For Class 10 builds the strong foundation base for those who are preparing for the competitive exams such as IIT JEE, NEET etc.
  4. Offers in-depth knowledge in easy language: The NCERT books are designed after in-depth research on every topic of the book which provide authentic information with minute details.
  5. Perform the experiments/activities: While reading the books you will find interesting facts/activities/experiments related to a particular topic. Try to perform those activities. If you need your teacher’s help, then ask your teacher to do so. This will help in clearing the concepts in a better way.

Although all the students have NCERT books if you want the softcopy then you can refer the official NCERT or download it in PDF format by visiting BYJU’S NCERT books page.

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