Information and Tips about the TU-GET Exams

The TU-GET is an advanced English language test mandatory for those who desire to get approved for graduate degree program at the Thammasat University. It is necessary to get good scores, so you will need to enroll in the best tutoring classes. Even if you read books there are weaknesses that need to be fixed. From experts you get to know the techniques on how to improve your test scores.

To study TU GET [ติว tu get, which are the term in Thai] you will need to –

  • Concentrate on basic grammar
  • Identify main problem and try to remember it easily
  • Read on different topics to extend your vocabulary and grammar
  • Do a lot of practice
  • Get familiar with tips and techniques for the test day

What is included in the TU-GET exam?

Exam holds 3 sections –

  • Writing ability section – Includes sentence completion, error identification
  • Vocabulary section – Students are asked to match synonyms, fill gaps in large texts
  • Reading comprehension section – Five passages are given for the students to read first then choose right answers from 4 options.

The reading section comprises of 50% overall score.

Tips for exam preparation

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Assess your English abilities, so you can set reachable goals. Your tutor will help you identify what section you need to strengthen.

Preparation is important

Schedule as much spare time you can for preparation. Work in strengthen your goal until the day of exam. Overconfidence is an enemy, so never ignore studying till end.

Enhance reading skills

Learn to read fluently and fast. Reading test is weighed heavily, so it is essential to practice a lot. You can make reading enjoyable and not just about studies. Read more magazines, articles, newspaper and books.

Every year the TU-GET has 5 test dates but application process has to be done 2 months in advance of test date. You can get details of upcoming exam dates or application process on Thammasat University’s official website.

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