Is Your Baby Gate Secure?

It is typical seeing a parent running after their kids from time and again, especially when they reach the crawling and walking age.  Keeping your eyes away from your child for even one minute is enough to find your child in a totally different place. It’s funny how children can make a mess innocently in the name of playing. And the sad part is that others end up hurting themselves in the process. Many houses have stairs, and for a fact, children are fascinated by them. As a parent, you need to ensure that you prioritize the safety of your child by installing a baby gate. Having a baby gate keeps your baby safe and helps you avoid any accidents. There have been cases of fatal accidents where some kids got injured and worse yet others even lost their lives. Do you now see how essential baby gates are? Here is a guide to ensuring that your baby gate is secure;

  1. Choose the right gate material

Today, there are very many baby fences and playpens gate materials. Go for a material that is sturdy, long lasting, and is also good looking. Well, the material you choose will also depend on the purpose of the gate as well as where the gate is to be installed. There are also gates that are portable, meaning that you can hook and unhook them when need be. So much so, ensure that the gate you choose is  Juvenile products manufacturers association ( JPMA) or American society for testing materials ( ATSM) certified.

  1. Get the right gate fittings

A well-fitted baby gate is not only secure but also looks good. Ensure that before you install the baby gate, you take the right measurements. Consider the height of your child as well. Most children will try to climb over which if they manage to do so, some end up hurting themselves or even getting cuts. To help you get the right fittings, you could hire a professional to do it for you.

  1. Install the gate professionally

The installation of the baby fences and playpens should be professionally done. Poor installation means that the chances are high that the gate might not be durable of might look somewhat unfinished. Remember, even with the gate in place; it has to look polished and blend in well.

  1. Install the right type of locks

Children love exploring, and even with the gate in place, they will try everything possible to get past it. Hence the need to install safe and secure latches. The latches you fit should be easy for you to open but difficult for them. You know your child best, and some of them will never stop until they open the gate- if that is your baby, go for locks that they will not be able to open at all. If need be, you can also lock it using a key. After all, the aim is to keep your child safe. If you need further safety furniture or tallboys online in Australia then you can always do your research online.

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About the Author: Clare Louise