Manuscript NEEDS -A Development Editor

Whenever do we start to steer in writing and go for some editing work the first question which strikes is what is a development editor?

 This question comes into the mind because we do not know the difference between editor and development editor. The editor is one who only takes the errors of the book out and takes that to the writer. On the other hand, the development editor is the master of his own play. Development editor is a concern with the structure of the content. He can Mould the content into any medal which he loves.

If a writer is editing his content or book on his own, then he can be said as development editor of his book. The main work of the development editor is started when the manuscripts lack focus.


The main difference between an editor and the development editor is that both of them are mostly sane, but the DE gives more concentration and time to the content whereas the editors have split the time with their businesses. One more major difference between DE and editor is that the DE is hired by a single company or a writer who works for him only. Where an editor is, is a person who collects the content from different writers, and does the business independently? That may also be a reason that DE’s are more focused on the content and their work is more accurate.

The main work of a development editor is to help the author if she or he lacks focus anywhere. The ideas of development editor used by the author in his own manner. The development editor also keeps a check that whether the content which is finalized will be going to work in the market or not.

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