Maximize the Impact of Your Work with Video Abstracts

Video abstracts are a recent tool exposed to researchers who are using them to increase the impact of their work. But they are not being used as nearly as they should be.

Let us understand how they are effective and why more researchers should be using them.

Increased Visibility:

A Research Square study found that articles with a video abstract received 29% more article views than matched papers without a video abstract. But to take advantage of this, the videos should be posted on the right platforms.

Websites like Abstract Tube provide an excellent platform for increasing the visibility of abstract videos. These videos don’t usually rack as many views and their visibility is almost non-existent compared to the other clips posted on common video sharing platforms that are not specifically curated for abstract content. Thus, they get buried under a massive heap of viral and entertaining content.

On curated platforms, if an uploader has posted multiple abstract videos, viewers feel compelled to check out more of their abstract content if they like any one of them, thus increasing the visibility on all of their abstract videos.

Maximize Reach:

Video sharing platforms like Abstract Tube lets users gain viewership from circles they could never access before. Apart from broadening the reach, they also help users target a more informed and educated audience, therefore inciting response and action.

Abstract videos can be tagged with keywords and descriptions so that more viewers can come across them easily. Tags also improve searchability so that viewers can refer the videos and articles multiple types without much effort.

The videos that have a gained a substantial viewership can also increase readership of the article when accompanied by a link to the original article on which the video abstract is based on.

Enable Promotion:

Video abstracts also make it possible to promote one’s articles on other types of platforms. A regular text article filled with jargons and research data is harder to promote and limits it to text-based platforms.

Video abstracts can be promoted on all types of platforms as some exclusively support videos, and on others, videos are simply preferred over text. Abstract videos can be posted on social media, presented at conferences or shared with colleagues.

Abstract videos also prove more effective for education purposes. Students tend to pick up concepts more easily when shown in video format as complex research and thesis papers can’t hold a student’s attention for too long.

An increased number of readers also generate more citations, which further promotes the article.

In conclusion, video abstracts are extremely useful tools to increase visibility, maximize the reach, and enable promotion for both the researchers and their work. On the other end, students can make use of them in their education and other researchers can refer them to advance their work in a better direction.

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About the Author: Danny White