MBBS from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the neighboring country of India located in Bay of Bengal. It is an Asian country mainly known for its bay, water bodies and rich land of minerals. Approximately 100+ rivers flow throughout Bengal.  It has a vast mangrove forest in Sunder ban Delta located at the southern coast of Bangladesh. This forest is the home of many wild species and Asian Royal Bengal Tiger.

Bangladesh feels temperate climatic condition that has never been recorded below 0 degree Celsius. Bengal is a Unitary Independent country and it has divided into three geographical regions.

There are various course for Science stream students like Engineering, Research, Medicine study and many more but amongst them one of the difficult courses is MBBS course, to be graduate in such a rigid course is a big deal. There are 25 Public and 50 private universities in Bengal offering medicine courses to the students from different countries of the world and it is a golden opportunity for Indian students as well as students of Srilanka, Philippines, China, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, and some other.

The analogy of India and Bangladesh is same weather its culture, tradition, infrastructure, education or other habits. Because of heavy crowd and limited seats in medical universities of India, many students may not get chance to admit themselves for higher studies so, they approach foreign universities and Bangladesh has becoming the most approached country for medical aspirants. Every year there are many students enrolled for medicine study in top medical universities of Bangladesh.

Education and living cost in Bangladesh is much cheaper than India and Universities of Bengal has proper infrastructure facility and quality education is big reason to stick with Bengal Universities. One of the biggest reason why students are looking for foreign studies in high fee structure in private institutions of India which is not possible for an average person to pay heavy fee to education institutions. Entire expenses form studies to food and lodging will be varied from 24 lakh INR to 40 lakh INR.

International students will find it easier to get admission in Bengal universities as there admission procedure is simple and quick. Students don’t require to take any entrance examination or any proficiency test to get admission. MBBS in Bangladesh are recognized by Medcial Council of India, ECFMG, FAIMER,IMED, MCC, WHO and many other medical council’s. Degrees that will award after completing graduate course are globally acknowledged to practice across the world.

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