Methods for the management of park Technicians

This is the designation of the journey level within the series of Park Management liable for conducting a range of semi-skilled and trained repetitive activities in the maintenance, renovation, and development of parks, fields, and leisure facilities.

When new or unexpected circumstances occur, incumbents at this stage undergo only sporadic guidance or support and are well informed of the operational procedures and policies. Upon completion, work is checked for soundness, appropriateness, and adherence to policy and criteria. This designation is distinct from the Park Foreman in that the latter is responsible for doing the more complicated work and works in a lead capacity over the park crews.

Key roles and duties

Management retains the freedom to introduce, alter, adjust, or cancel the work duties of various positions and allow appropriate accommodations such that trained workers can fulfill the job’s primary tasks.

Performs numerous semi-skilled and trained maintenance roles in the amusement park maintenance, renovation, and development of parks, gardens, and leisure facilities; areas of duty involve but are not limited to inspection and maintenance of parks, fields, and grounds to maintain the maximum degree of protection for public usage of district facilities.

Mows, crops, trims, aerates, fertilizes, crops, lays sod, and lawn edges; plants a range of shrubs, bushes, groundcover, and flowers; prunes and trims hedges, crops, shrubs, and flowers; drainage systems check and repairs; ensure the continuous protection of landscapes in the Area.

Assists in evaluating turf and plant problems; applies fertilizers and pesticides under the supervision of a certified Approved Applicator; alerts other workers to the proper use of pesticides while approved as a Qualified Applicator, and maintains detailed records of chemical use.

Inspects, manages, and repairs picnic tables, walls, chairs, garbage cans, and playground facilities to guarantee that all equipment remains in healthy working condition; reports to relevant personnel on maintenance requirements and safety risks.

Rakes leaves and cleans litter from walkways, fields, and park grounds; eliminates graffiti; signage and vandalized property are repaired; crime is recorded.

Operates vehicles and several installations used in landscape practice.

Inspects protection and technical malfunction instruments and appliances and guarantees that they are in good working order.

Receives and listens to employers’ requests and complaints; detects issues and, when applicable, addresses problems or transfers to the supervisor.

Follows acceptable working standards and allows reasonable use, if needed, of associated protection equipment.

Maintains routine reports and files.

Assists with specific District activities as required.

Carries out similar tasks when delegated.

Training and Experience:

Diploma or GED in High School;

  • Two years of appropriate job experience.

Any blend of preparation, schooling, and experience would include the expertise, abilities, and skills needed.

Methods for the management of park and playground protection.

Essential recognition of species.

Identifying diseases of plants and their sources.

Careful storage of chemicals and fertilizers.

Practices and methods used in turf maintenance, drainage, design of habitats, and prevention of pests.

Maintenance of tools and machinery employed in the maintenance of parks.

Rules, laws, regulations, strategies, and procedures that are applicable.

Occupational risks and associated precautions for protection.

Recordkeeping standards and methods.

New methods, procedures, and computing devices and software in the workplace.

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