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Preschool exists for a reason, and every parent should ensure their child is enrolled in a good preschool before joining kindergarten. Academic experts state the first few years of schooling for a very young child sets the educational path for the rest of the child’s life. If you enroll your child in any preschool program early, you are preparing your child better for kindergarten. Young children learn the habits they need for the rest of their adult years at preschool. The teaching curriculum at preschool covers science, math, arts, and literature.

PLAY Preschool Silverlake – Providing young children with a happy learning environment with friendly teachers

When it comes to credible preschools in the USA, PLAY Preschool Silverlake in Los Angeles, USA, is a credible and trustworthy name among parents. Children studying here are very happy. They love the interactive sessions of learning with their loving and friendly teachers. They use effective teaching strategies to help young children enjoy their lessons in class. They believe in promoting literacy early in life and believe that children learn better with social skills. This is why all of their class activities are based on language skills. They spread a lot of time reading books to the students so that they learn the power of comprehension at a young age. Along with this, children learn letters and become aware of printed pictures and words.

Learning with drawings and art

They encourage children to draw and color pictures. They refer to picture books so that the child can boost their creative skills when they sit with their drawing books and crayons. In fact, this introduction to drawing books helps children at home too. They can practice at home and spend some quiet time with themselves.

Children also learn lessons with singing and movement. They are taught nursery rhymes with movements, so that brain and body coordination are encouraged. With these regular class activities, children are able to learn new words, and they can express their emotions in a better way. The onus of every teacher here is to connect the benefits of art to young children’s education.

The introduction of numbers and Math to the child

The teachers here plan regular activities that teach kids about the concepts of math and numbers. They help children to count and manipulate physical objects like toy tiles with numbers written on them. They use a lot of building blocks so that kids are introduced to shapes and understand the concept of space. Gradually over time, children can relate to different patterns, and they are able to make accurate predictions when it comes to sums.

Therefore, when it comes to learning, beginning at a good playschool is a wise step-parent should take for their young children. PLAY Preschool Silverlake ensures the learning needs of every child is nurtured in a caring environment. The teachers work with parents so that the child’s creative and social skills blossoms over time so that they become well-prepared for their next educational levels in life with success.



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