PLAY Preschool Silverlake – Disciplining Pre-Schoolers in Class and Home

When children are very young, they need to be disciplined effectively. Pre-school teachers need to keep this in mind all day. Part of the toddler’s development revolves around learning social rules. With parents, the pre-school teacher needs to teach the child how to behave well and listen to instructions.

PLAY Preschool Silverlake in Los Angeles, USA, is a credible preschool known for its compassionate teachers and high teaching standards. The teachers here say little ones often are not aware of the impact on their actions on others. For instance, if child A pushes child B off a child, you first need to stop it. This will draw the attention of both children. No matter how aggressively child A reacts to you stopping him/her from pushing the other child, you should search for intent. This helps you to resolve the issue with empathy. There needs to be some intent from child A to push child B. Acknowledging the wrong behavior of the child is not alright, but you first need to find out why it was done to proceed to the next step.

Educate the child

Once you have discovered the intent, emotion, or the impulse as to why child A pushed child B, the next step is to educate the child. Pre-schoolers and toddlers do not know how to express their thoughts. Often, they do something wrong to find out what happens next. For instance, child A might have pushed child B off the chair to see what happens if she fell. When you intervene as a teacher or even a parent, you need to make it clear to child A how strong he or she is. This helps the child understand the negative impact of pushing someone as the other person might fall and get injured. Once the child becomes aware, he/she becomes responsible for their own decisions.

Verbal limits

The verbal limits you use in the above case come in next. Here, you will make it clear to child A that pushing another child is not a good thing. You should proceed to tell the child to be gentle with friends. You request the child not to repeat the action. Kids are very vocal, but they often lack the self-control to repeat the wrong action. However, when you set down verbal limits, you teach the child the power of words and how they are used for settling problems. Parents can also follow this same technique at home.

Wrapping things up

The teachers here at PLAY Preschool Silverlake understand the challenges parents of toddler’s face at home. Often parenting techniques are wrong for disciplining the child, so the preschooler repeats wrong actions in school. It is here that teachers take a step toward educating parents of small toddlers so that they can use the same disciplinary techniques at home and help their child grow up into a mature and responsible human being.

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