Responsibilities of a Pathology Assistant 

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A Pathology assistant is a person who is highly trained in allied health and can provide anatomic pathology services. A pathology assistant performs its services under the direction and supervision of a licensed, board-certified, or board eligible pathologist. This person should be qualified enough to perform all types of surgical as well as autopsy function. However, he does not require possessing the quality to do the diagnosis. There are huge demands for pathology assistants and you will get several speech-language pathology assistant jobs in almost every city. 

Duties and responsibilities of Pathology Assistant

A Pathology assistant has several responsibilities and that includes performing the accessioning or dissection or holistic sampling of complete anatomical specimens. Apart from that, a pathology assistant also needs to supervise or train the resident doctors and train mainly in the field of pathology methodology and procedures. The pathology assistant also needs to perform frozen sections as well as other intra-operative consultations. 

Moreover, the pathology assistant needs to coordinate the acquisition of tissue specimens which is mainly used at the time of research.  One biggest duty of a pathology assistant is to maintain the digital files and ensure that a high standard of specimen photography is maintained. Pathology assistants also required to access and label the specimens, store and dispose of the specimen at a proper and safe place, and maintain the reagents and equipment. 

One major duty that pathology assistant often needs to perform is to complete postmortem examination report and review, interpret and find the reasons for death. Along with all these duties a pathology assistant also needs to perform many other miscellaneous job-related duties.

Qualities and Skills required for Pathology Assistant

For becoming a pathology assistant you must have an in-depth knowledge of accreditation as well as the requirements of certification and standards.  Apart from that, it is also necessary to have the ability for maintaining quality, safety as well as ensuring infection control standards. You also need to have record maintaining skills as well as knowing pathology procedures, protocols as well as techniques. You must also have the ability to perform frozen sections. In some cases you must also know procedures, regulations, as well as standards for the acquisition for the specimen of human tissue. If you want to become a pathology assistant then you must possess the ability to supervise, advise as well as train the newcomers of clinical professionals.       

When it comes to educational qualification a person needs to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited pathologist assistant program. Apart from that, you must also have one year’s experience in the related field.  

A pathology assistant is certainly a very demanding job with a handsome package. Hence if you possess the above-mentioned qualities and experience you can become a pathology assistant.

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