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I am happy to share about this resource that I had managed to find while I was searching for the best writing contests. When I was venturing into the writing contests and when I was totally new to these, I was selecting these contests randomly and my experience with these contests was not all that good. Over a period of time, I learnt that it is easy for me to participate in the contests without finding the best writing contests.

With this experience I started looking for the best resources on the web. It was not all that difficult to find a reliable resource on the web. Here is a highly dependable resource on the web which features the latest writing contests. All the contests from various sources are updated here. I find this resource to be one of the most trustworthy resources that I could possibly find on the web. I am saying this after participating in number of contests featured in this platform. All the contests I found here are genuine contests and I have used the resource effectively to access contests from various genres.

As I am able to pick the best contests easily in just minutes I am eager to participate in more contests. With the help of this directory, I have found some of the most interesting free writing contests.

Every time I feel like participating in a writing contest, I visit this directory and within minutes I am able to spot a contest that best fits my requirements. There is no more wasting time searching for the contests. I could find so many contests and without any problem I could easily participate in a new contest every week there are so many contests listed in this directory. Moreover, I am also happy to notice here that the listings are updated on a daily basis.

With the help of these contest listings, I have taken part in numerous contests and I have also managed to win quite a few contests. Even though the contests listed here are free contests, each one of those contests come with cash rewards. I did win some exciting prizes. Finding this safe and reliable directory of writing contest listings changed things completely.

If a writer wants to establish himself or herself in the industry, it is crucial that they spend considerable amount of time daily creating something impressive. If you do not engage in writing assignments regularly, your skills would get rusty. It will become even more challenging to revive those skills. Many budding writers who were good when they were young due to change in their priorities give up writing but when they want to pick it up at a later stage it does not come that easily. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to keep myself engaged with regular writing contests so that my skills are constantly enhanced. This writing contests listing directory is such a great support for me.

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