School Fundraisers Ideas – Great Money Makers

When it comes to organizing school fundraisers the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is candy and cookie sales. While they are both legitimate school fundraiser ideas, they might not be the most effective school fundraiser option for your cause. There are numerous school fundraiser options to choose from and most if not all of these school fundraiser options would be fun for your children.

What’s more, the school fundraiser ideas that we have cherry-picked for this list will help your students tap into their potentials. As a matter of fact, they can hone their craft skills and cultivate apt leadership skills whilst they participate in these fundraiser projects.  With this school fundraiser ideas, you can raise substantial amounts of money for your school. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to maintain academic excellence in your school and at the same time achieve principal projects in your school.

If you are looking for fun ways to raise funds for your school, whether to complete a project, to offer scholarships or to upgrade already established facilities, these are some of the easiest school fundraiser ideas of 2019.

  1. Crafts day fundraiser

This particular school fundraiser idea is a standout among the most innovative school fundraisers of all time. All you have to do is to motivate your children to create arts and crafts, either by themselves or in groups. To make things all the more interesting invite their parents to help them do the arts and crafts. When they’re done creating the crafts, sell them to the parents and the general public. To get the most funds out of your fundraising efforts, convince any of the local art supply stores in your vicinity to donate the art supplies to your cause.

  1. Lemonade stand fundraiser

This is one of the commonest school fundraiser ideas of all time for good reason – It pays. Without much of a stretch, you can raise substantial amounts of money for your school projects with this genius school fundraiser idea. To achieve this, you’ll have to set up a few lemonade stands where your children can sell lemonades at affordable prices. To get the most funds out of your fundraising endeavors, persuade any of the nearby supply stores in your region to supply the materials for your lemonade fundraiser project for free.

  1. Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn fundraiser is quite different from the regular candy fundraisers. Popcorn, generally, is a lot healthier as a snack compared to candy bars (that is if you don’t load your popcorns with excess butter, salt, and/or sugar). Even better, there are many popcorn producers out there who will cheerfully provide gourmet popcorns for your school fundraiser so that at the end of the day they’ll have a share in your proceeds. On the other hand, you can rent a popcorn machine and sell popcorn to passersby.

  1. School concert fundraiser

This school fundraiser is popular in most nations across the globe since it is a major money maker for people looking to raise money for their school projects. To begin with, you’ll have to create a theme for your concert; it can be something relating to your school curriculum or a title that fits that time of the year. Regardless, just make sure you pick a fun and exciting theme for your concert. Next, rehearse plays, musicals, magic tricks or whatever else you want your children to perform in the concert for a few weeks before the scheduled date for the concert. Afterward, pick a venue in your school with the capacity to accommodate your invited guests (mostly parents and siblings) and request that they pay gate fees to watch the concert. To make things all the more interesting, organize a sing-along contest for the parents. Of course, they’ll have to pay to participate.

  1. T-shirt fundraiser

We all love to wear T-shirts; it’s a universal thing and a great money maker for people looking to raise funds for their schools. Contact a local T-shirt supplier in your neighborhood and have them donate plain T-shirts to your cause. Next, encourage your children with the help of their parents to make stencils that they’ll use to design these T-shirts. Then, sell your finished products to people in your local area.



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