Synthetic College Gym Floors

Among the most significant consideration while planning or upgrading a college gym is the flooring material. Following your budget, preferences, requirements, among other factors, you can easily choose ideal college gym floors that will serve your gym demands. For years, wood has been the primary gym flooring solution, but today, you can choose either the wooden or synthetic floors.

While wooden college gym floors have dominated for ages with its durability, maintenance ease, excellent shock absorption, among other pros, you now have the flexibility of opting for a variety of synthetic floors. If you haven’t given it a thought, here is a look at synthetic college gym floors solution.

Synthetic flooring comes in three primary forms as highlighted below;

Rubber college gym floors

Rubber flooring is a versatile solution that can stand demanding daily use. Among the top pros is that as college gym floors solution, rubber flooring offers excellent protection to athletes as well as offer great performance.  With college gyms continuously being utilized for various functionalities apart from sports, rubber flooring is an ideal solution since it is ideal for multipurpose facilities. What’s more, it is easy to install and maintain and is available in tiles or rolls. With a range of styles, including realistic wood-grain surface as well as colors to choose from, rubber gym flooring offers a striking aesthetic appeal as well.


Among the primary highlights that make urethane an ideal college gym floors solutions includes its tensile and tear strength as well as incredible elasticity. Urethane is also a durable choice, not to mention highly customizable to match your exquisite preference and gym requirements. Urethane synthetic flooring is also easy to maintain as all you need is simple damp mopping using citrus-based cleaning products to keep your college gym floors’ striking appeal.


Vinyl’s ease of maintenance, stability, and durability makes it a top choice for most college gym floors. If properly installed, vinyl gym floors can serve your demanding needs for an extended period, and as it doesn’t gather dirt, a dry-sweep and occasional mopping is all you need to keep the floors shining.

While you could opt for either wood or synthetic flooring solution, you could also employ your creativity, and get a blend of both. While creating ideal college gym flooring, you can utilize synthetic and wood mix and match strategy. For instance, you could install maple flooring for the volleyball and basketball among other hard-wearing areas while installing synthetic floors on the rest of the college gym. With such an ingenious mix, you get a chance to not only install quality gym flooring solution but also save your money since synthetic flooring solutions are affordable compared to wood flooring.

While ensuring that your college sports facility creates a safe and efficient environment, among the most crucial decisions you need to make, is choosing the right flooring solution. With the synthetic floor’s affordability, flexibility, and versatility, you can easily create the ultimate gym environment with a unique aesthetic appeal. What’s more, with a reliable and reputable company, you can conveniently enjoy your synthetic college gym floors for an extended period.

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About the Author: Donald Phillips