The Effects of Replacing our Books with PDFs

The second wave of coronavirus in our country came around the same time as the first one did last year. It’s been more than a year and the public places are still shut. Meanwhile, the pandemic forced us to take most of our offline systems digital and we haven’t looked back since then.  While employees adopted the work from home culture, schools and colleges started with conducting online lectures. It may have been easier for others, but students who were still in school found this drastic change to be very challenging. Schools took online live classes with the help of Google meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. While everything was moving towards the age of digitalization, students too followed that path and added a tool to help them with studies, a school learning app, that will help them understand the concepts better and even for things such as doubt solving, practicing questions and watching interactive videos.

After more than a year of online learning, many students have adjusted themselves to the system. Even Though students are now habituated to attending lectures online, when it comes to exams, the scenario is totally different. Online exams come with a lot of complications. Different schools use different types of systems to conduct exams, while some went only for objective-based questions, others chose a mixture of objective as well as the written form of exams. In the latter, students have to write the answers on a paper, then scan and upload it. Students find it difficult just to grasp the way exams are going to take place along with other complications. Practicing for exams has also become tricky as it no longer takes place as the traditional method. Students can practice online for their examinations using any exam learning app on the internet. Not only will this method make them habituated to giving an online test and help them practice their syllabus but also increase their confidence while giving exams.

This academic year is going to end very soon and after that, the arrival of a new academic year awaits the students. Seeing the condition as of now, in our country, schools and colleges are most likely to remain closed to the students and thus, they will have to carry further their academic venture online until the situation gets better. Now that books are replaced by PDFs and pens by keyboard, the way students learn also has to change. The internet is full of knowledge and tools that will help you grasp it. You can either install a study app or see a lecture by any professor of the subject you want on youtube. Many topics may seem challenging to understand but with the help of real-life examples or animation in videos, it can be easier to grasp. Until now, most of us have seen the internet as a tool used just for the sake of entertainment, but these times have taught us that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Happy learning!

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About the Author: Clare Louise