The Skills You Need to Thrive as a Dental Assistant

It is estimated that the number of Dental Assistants required could rise by 20%, as we into the next decade. In fact, many other dental jobs will see a rise of this magnitude. This rise is expected to come as a result of our aging population, where many older people are living longer. While this is great news, the elderly will need increased help from the dentist in order to maintain their oral health. There has therefore never been a better time to become a Dental Assistant. But, what skills are needed in order to become an Assistant? Read on to find out.

Attention to Detail

This is a key skill that a Dental Assistant should exhibit. It is vitally important to ensure that you treat each patient to the same high standard as you did with the patient before. Standards slip when we become tired at the end of the day, so you need to train yourself to ensure you provide an optimal level of treatment for each appointment.

There can be occasions where you forget to maybe sterilize a key piece of equipment for example. Not only does this put the patient’s oral health at risk, it will also break the law. This only emphasizes why a good attention to detail is essential.

Being Respectful

It is important to treat each patient with respect. When a patient comes for an appointment, it can be a pretty daunting experience. This is why it is so important to look after each and every patient. This also helps with retaining patients in the long run. When you respect them and build up a rapport with them, they will be more likely to come back. Many dental professionals feel that if you don’t show empathy and respect, it will make your job as a Dental Assistant incredibly difficult.


Interpersonal Skills

You need to be a well-rounded person to be a Dental Assistant. Having a good personality and communication skills will go a long way to making you successful in the long run. Many Dental Assistants find doing the actual procedures a breeze, but struggle with communicating with the dentist. It can take practice to create a good working relationship with the dentist you work with. But if you work at it, it will soon become second nature.

As you will have noticed by now, it is important to have a wide range of characteristics and skills to become a successful Dental Assistant. Don’t worry if you feel that you don’t excel in every area. If you are new to the world of Dentistry, it will take a while to get up to speed. Good luck!

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About the Author: Donald Phillips