Tips for Parents: Finding the Right Preschool Programme

A huge amount of research now backs the consensus that high-quality preschool programmes are incredibly beneficial for young children. They put them in the right position and frame of mind to progress through their schooling with ease. If you are looking for a great programme in your area, but you aren’t sure what to look for, continue reading this article for more help and useful information.

The following are some of the sign’s parents should look out for when trying to identify a first-class preschool programme.

Purposeful Teachers

At first glance, you may think that preschool education is just a bunch of young kids running around playing with all kinds of toys and games. Play is the most important aspect of preschool, during play you learn essential life skills and other tools that help you along the way.

You may not think that building colourful blocks or painting pretty pictures is educational, but a good teacher will be able to explain the reason behind each task and activity. To an untrained eye, singing and dancing looks like kids having fun with the teacher. But these activities can help to improve vocabulary and they teach the kids to follow directions.

High-quality preschool programmes should care about their teachers, by this we mean they should have ongoing development training for their staff, especially personnel who would like to further their education. When observing a nursery in Bangkok, always ask the teachers to provide rationale when it comes to games and activities you don’t understand.


The classroom must be safe and comfortable for all the kids inside, that also goes for the outdoor environment. The rooms don’t have to be massive, they just need to be big enough to hold the number of kids using them.

You should be looking for a print rich classroom, this means there should be all kinds of books and pictures dotted around the room. Some should be story books, while other material should be books made by students in the class. To encourage creativity and enjoyment, teachers must allow kids to create their own stories. Another thing to look for is student art, it should feel like the space belongs to them.


Every parent should have access to exceptional lines of communication between the preschool and themselves. When talking to a school director or representative, ask about their communication habits.

They should provide a handbook, so you know what to expect from the school in terms of communication. Some schools use monthly newsletters, while others use social media and emails, once done correctly any of these mediums are fine.

It is important to find out about individual correspondence, if you or the school has an issue, who will contact you directly?

When looking for a preschool programme, you must take numerous factors into consideration. Leaving your child in preschool can be a nerve-wracking experience, for peace of mind, it is vitally important to choose a preschool which puts your mind at ease. Consider the points mentioned above when deciding on the most suitable education centre for your little one.


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