Once college starts, time really seems to fly by. One moment you are excited about the beginning of the new term and before you know it, it is time for your finals. When the finals are around the corner with only a few weeks left, things can get a bit too stressful, especially when loving alone at, York University Housing by Quad. Here are a few tips that would help you to boost your performance for the finals.

  1. 1. Keep yourself up to date:

It is easy to lose track of time while preparing for the finals. Make sure that you know all the details about when and where your finals would take place. It’s better to be prepared in advance. Waiting till the last minute to find out the details could end up making you more nervous. If you are unsure, you can always clarify the details from your school administrator or lecturer.

  1. Get enough sleep:

When exams are nearing, we tend to cut into our sleeping time to study the entire night. Researchers have proven that a tired brain is less likely to hold information. Having a reasonable sleep pattern would not only leave you feeling refreshed but it would also give your brain the much-needed rest it requires to hold the information.

  1. Stay Active:

Staying active not only syncs your body and mind but also enhances blood flow to the brain. Getting an hour of workout can be extremely difficult during finals week. You could walk short distances, avoid sitting in a place for too long, practice yoga or do some pushups or plank hold. It will not only enhance blood flow but would also help you to remain calm. Practising some yoga postures would avoid your body from cramping up by sitting in a place for long hours.

  1. You are what you eat:

Not literally. When we are caught up with studies we forget to eat well. There are times we consume a little too many calories, but doing this could make you weary. Make sure that you have a balanced diet. Planning your meals in advance would help, this way you could get your grocery shopping done beforehand. While studying, we tend to get hungry more often, so put some healthy snacks on the list.

  1. Figure out what works for you:

A few weeks before the finals week, try to experiment with different methods of studying and figure out which one works for you. Make a study plan accordingly. You could plan to concentrate on a single subject for an hour or two, as after a point you tend to reach a saturation level. Make sure that the plan you choose to go with enhances your retention. There might be situations when you find yourself revisiting a topic a little more frequently, this does not mean that your method is not working. There are other techniques you could apply to that topic.

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