Top 4 Attractive Stationery Gifts for Kids


Little kids and young children love to do colouring and drawing more than anything else does. Art and crafts are also one of their top hobbies to spend their leisure time. Besides that, there are still a lot of other things to gift kids because they become happy with almost anything they receive.

You can buy a lot of other things like toy cars, soft toys, and board games, sports sets for sports-loving kids or science experiment sets. However, if your kid loves art more than anything else, well these are few of the thing which you can choose.

·         Buy Attractive Pencil Boxes

When there are so many attractive pencil boxes in the Stationery store (ร้าน ขาย อุปกรณ์ เครื่อง เขียน, which is the term in Thai), you have a lot of options to choose from. From metallic boxes to stylish plastic boxes, you can choose anything. Kids love superheroes and therefore picking up a pencil box with superhero pictures will just make him ecstatic.

·         Buy Attractive Colours

You can find lots of colours in a Stationery store near you. Depending on the age of your kid, you can choose from pencil colours, pastel colours or crayons too. Generally, the pastel colour sets attract kids more than anything does, as they look so much luscious to them.

Remember to buy only from branded companies to avoid eroding them out quickly. You can also go for watercolours if your kid learns painting and therefore he or she will have some special fancy towards them.

·         Buy Pencils, Erasers and Sharpeners

These are essential things for every kid. You can buy them in bulks from any wholesale Stationery store (ร้าน เครื่อง เขียน ขายส่ง, term in Thai). Buying in bulks will effectively cut down the price and you can gift lots of pencils, erasers and sharpeners to surprise your kid on his or her birthday.

·         Buy Stickers and Fragranced Erasers

Stickers are something on which kids have a special crush on. Get them packets of stickers of different things like cars, bikes, superheroes, animals and what not and they will be busy with them for hours. You can also buy fragranced erasers of different shapes and figures. They are very adorable and kids love them a lot!

These are some of the top gifts, which kids will love to have. Buy them from any wholesale Stationery store and amaze your kids on their special day.

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About the Author: Danny White