Where to get your bike fixed while in Toronto

Cycling is the best activity, it gives you energy and power, it is the most common way of getting around and it is more common among students because of the convenience and it also reduces the expense and fare of travelling in bus or metro.

But sometimes this facilities of yours will irritate you in mid-market or while you are getting late for going to your University, it will get damaged and you want to repair it as soon as you can.

The list of Repair shops near the Apartments near the York University:-

For your convenience here is the list of best bike repair shops:-

Liberty Street Cyclery:-

If you want a customised bike or a old bike to be of your choice than Liberty Street Cyclery is your final destination. Here you will get 24 hours service available and the best thing is it is in your budget. Cyclemania:-

This shop is one of the most popular bike repair shops in east of the DVP. It’s tune-up cost or fair is just $40 and if you want your bike completely new or renovate it this shop will be your final destination.

Bateman’s Bicycle company:-

This bike repair shop has a team of expert mechanics who are available 24 hours for giving you services, if you are living in rented or self-owned apartment near the York University, this shop might help you from getting out from the trouble.

The Bike Joint:-

This is the oldest shop in Toronto, here you will able to get your bike repaired, but at this shop you will find some accessories related to your bike if you want your bike completely new than you must have to check some other options too.

Dave Fix My Bike:-

This store is small in size, but it is one of the authentic and cool store, this store is also old and the owner and staff has a strong experience of their work, if your Apartment is near or far from the University this store will become your choice at any condition.

Here at Dave bike you have an offer, get your bike here and find your own choice of Apartment near the York University to live.

The pedal stop:-

Located at Ossington and Argyle this shop has offers which start from $45 to your repairing demand onwards, this small shop covers all type small damage that affects your bike while traveling.

Switchback Cyclery:-

Switchback cyclery shop is the only shop in Toronto, in apartments near York university which offers you the overall estimate of the expense which will occur in the repairing of the shop, and this becomes an advantage that your bike is only opened for letting you know the bill, and if it is in your budget, it will get repaired with your permission otherwise not at all.

Flying Wheels:-

This shop is located in Leaside and offers you complete repairing of your bike starting from $60 and onwards, this is only a bike repairing shop so if you want a new bike you will have to move at any other shop.

So mark this shop in your list for not get troubled in your way to University.

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About the Author: Danny White