Why are Dynamic websites mandatory for Schools and Colleges?

Every school or college needs a vibrant website. Not all back-end users from the administrating team will be tech-savvy. They may not all understand how to include or change their website content as they might not know about the coding component. So, it is good to invest in making your school web design as dynamic as possible. To get the best engagement, the following areas of your site will greatly benefit from a dynamic feature:

  • Events/Competitions

Initiatives such as competitions and cultural programs are common in the schools and colleges. Having a page that showcases the past, present, as well as future events is highly recommended.

  • News/Celebrations/Appreciations

In addition to the events, it is very important to keep your users up to date with your institution’s latest information such as communications, awards, recognition’s etc.

  • Blog site (Division wise Classifications)

A blog site is vital from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective. The more user/traffic you get on your website, the more ranking benefits you obtain. To help user experience we suggest creating a category for each department.

  • Secure Discussion forums for internal usage

Online forums are user for internal discussions on the website, individuals will user their user id and password to login and partake. Forums are usually categorised by department or subject.

  • Alumni Website

A solid graduate network is an excellent asset for both schools and colleges. Graduates can obtain aid from their senior peers and to expand and grow their professional development after college graduation. This location of this page should be protected as private details of students should not be accessible by the public. So, having a shut website and allowing students to access the page via their user id and passwords is highly advised.

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